Here I am again to explain just why nothing has been on this blog in so long. It’s been another month of, well, stress. I think since I got pregnant I’ve felt pushed to my limit constantly. I keep waiting for things to settle but they don’t. Maybe I’ve been a bit daft thinking they will, what with toddlers, babies, jobs, PhDs and so forth cluttering up our existence! I am resigning myself to the fact that it’s going to be like this until May at least. Let’s face it, pregnancy ain’t the barrel of laughs it’s made out to be.

We have been adding good times in among the stress though, and among the illnesses. It’s funny how one little thing can railroad a whole week and put everything into disarray. Just as I finally got over the morning sickness (well, to a moderate level of functioning at least) Sandy got hand, foot and mouth disease. Mild rash and nothing else my bum, doctor. Poor man was up in the night and all the usual. He was off from being with his Gran for one day, yet that one day seemed to change me from a well rested and up to date (sort of) person to one on the edge of sanity, stressed to the max. The following week I got a cold which is STILL HERE. It’s probably a chest infection but I know better than to suggest to the doctors it could be anything other than viral. Viral illnesses negate the use of antibiotics and I’m fairly sure I am helping them keep their checky boxes happy by riding this out at home.

In the briefest of lulls between the end of the worst of the hand foot and mouth and the proper part of my lurgy we went to the switch on of the Christmas tree lights in our village.



We never went to the switch on of the lights in Glasgow but always made special trips there for our first viewing of them. Suffice to say the bright lights of where we live now are a lot less exhaustive, but sweet nonetheless.


A little lull in between entering (and subsequently losing) the raffle, and the switch on was spent at the park, walking UP slides, and generally getting angry when saved from certain injury.








We bought Sandy a star with his name on for the tree. I look at it every time we go past and think about how next year we will be buying two stars.



And so the lights came on and we have entered the festive season. Hooray!


As you can see, Sandy was most impressed.


And now some shots from yesterday, the first day of advent. Little man opening his calendar. He had one last year but certainly seems more taken this time around.





We made the day festive by going on a walk to source wreath making materials. However the trip ended up in a lack of foliage and a crying Sandy and few words. I blame the hormones again, and the cold for Sandy. And the haze of festivity which makes me think nothing bad can ever come from ventures entered into in the spirit of Christmas.








I used to get my wreath materials by taking sneaky trimmings from the lovely gardens at Cathedral Square and the Necropolis. Who knew nature wasn’t for giving me more than a few squishy berries and some reluctant ivy, which is still in a bag at the front door, un-wreathed. Plus I lost the kitchen scissors on the outing so that sucks too.

Alas, we will work something out, and there is always Christmas shortbread to be made.

I will finally be posting some more house stuff in the coming days, as our living room is complete and the photo wall finally has photos on it!


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