Weightlifting: Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014


Glas-GO!! Roslyn and her Daddy headed into town with me to check out some of the games action in the flesh.



How are you liking that Glasgow 2014 vest she’s got on? Yeah?


I totally made that.




Go team!


The girl loves standing up, she smiles the whole time!





Turns out train journeys with babies are excellent photo shoot opportunities.



This girl is a champion. Never mind the athletes, she deserves all the medals going for being so good. Well trodden ground for Stuart and I recently is discussions of how we would have never been doing x,y,z when sandy was her age.


“We’d never have made it out the door this morning if this was sandy”

“We would have gone home crying if this was when sandy was little”


“We wouldn’t have even bought tickets when sandy was born”




I know some of it is because it’s our second time out and because my mental state is soooo much better, but this little girl is an angel. I mean it. She sleeps, she feeds, she kicks about and grins whenever she sees anyone interested in her. She is Perfection.


We had a great time at our first commonwealth event. We hit up the exhibition centre games area. Such a gorgeous day again, not a cloud in the sky, and so many lovely people about. Glasgow really feels like a fabulous place to live near just now.


We got to the auditorium and had a little chill out while waiting for the doors.



Love that my sling is a comfy blanket for her too.


We headed in and just before it started Clyde arrived for a picture with us!



Then the athletes came out to typical macho man music… And hilariously they then did a procession of the judges to the tune of I’m sexy and I know it. Hehehe.



So here is our baby bear with men lifting big heavy things. I can’t say I saw a large amount of the actual event though because Roslyn was rather fussy. It was in the evening so I can’t blame her. She’s such a doll all day she’s entitled to her few hours fussing of a night. The problem was that it went deadly quiet while the weightlifters prepared, then as they lifted the crowd roared. She couldn’t sleep through the intense change in volume poor love.


So I headed to the foyer with her where she promptly zonked out and I chatted to passers by about her. You never get so much attention as when you have a little baby, especially one on your person.


Meanwhile, in the auditorium…


She only had a catnap so I nipped back in for the medals ceremony which was great to see. A piper came out and then the medals were awarded and the flags raised.





All in all a fab night. We got home at 11 which is LATE for me these days. Usually Roslyn and I are all zzz by half 9 latest! Anyway, we’ve more fun to come next week with the hockey which I can’t wait for! Yay!

Belle & Sebastian Commonwealth Party


What a busy couple of days we’ve had! I’m just taking a minute to blog whilst Roslyn naps on her daddy’s chest. She’s not done that in a while so he’s making the most of it, as am I, eating my dairy free chocolate (yep, Roslyn is cows milk protein intolerant just like her brother was!)

Anyway, we had a FAB time at Roslyn’s first out of utero gig.


We headed to kelvingrove park and the newly renovated bandstand and did a little Clyde spotting along the way.


For posterity, Clyde is the commonwealth mascot. There are twenty of them around the city. I think I’ve seen five now but there is an app to find them all, which I will download ahead of our jaunt into town tomorrow.





We lined up with a sleepy baby and watched the couple ahead of us get interviewed for the bbc, at which point I remarked to Stuart I was glad they weren’t interviewing me because my boob was out feeding Roslyn. Little did I know what was to follow…


So here’s our baby bear in her home made belle and Sebastian dress which I whipped up earlier that afternoon from a pre-baby sized t-shirt I had.





She looked so small there!!



Poor sunshine girl!



It was such a lovely crowd. One woman offered to take a picture of the three of us. Belle and Sebastian crowds are charming. We went to bowlie 2 a good few years back and it was so chilled and… Convivial!


Much like this little lady.


And such gorgeous weather for it.




Support from Les Johnson And Me


As we were sitting there we got approached by a woman from the evening times who interviewed us. Roslyn is such a draw for those media types. They took a photo but it didn’t get in the paper. Our names did though, all spelt correctly and Roslyn’s age, but Stuart got misquoted haha!


Roslyn had a good nap before belle and Sebastian and was awake for the first song.


After that I put her in the sling and started to feed her and wander about at the side to soothe her and not block anyone’s view.


At which point the first song ended and Stuart Murdoch, the singer, said

“wow, it’s so lovely to see so many children here”.

Jig jig jig, feed feed feed.

“There was even a tiny baby here, I wish I’d brought my baby! Where is he?”

Jig jig jig, boob boob bo- everyone’s looking at me.

So is Stuart Murdoch.

So I waved and somehow the crowd altered him to the fact she’s a girl. And there I am, with hundreds of people watching me doing my silly sleepy baby sling dance, boob akimbo. Cool cool.

He asked was it her first gig and I thought about it, you know, cause she went to yes in utero.

“You look confused” he said, then I nodded.

So that was that, an awesome on stage shout out for Roslyn and me totally the poster child for normalising breastfeeding.





It was a fab gig, the perfect length with all their best songs and some they’ve not played for a long time, especially stars of track and field, appropriately.

And as if the boobage I’d already displayed wasn’t enough I had videographers and photographers constantly about to record us before realising and saying, erm, I will come back.



So check out the evening times for our names and any future coverage of the gig for my rubbish sling dance moves and partial nudity ;)

Being at Home

Now that Roslyn doesn’t just sleep all day we’ve been spending a bit more time at home.



It was easier to just sling her up and let her zzz the day away while sandy and I played. Now she’s awake a lot more especially in the afternoons and doesn’t want to just sit in the sling but kick about so we’ve been embracing the old homestead.





And of course the garden. Sandy has been having a blast out there as it’s been so warm. He’s been playing under the tap, chasing me as I cut the grass and eating strawberries from the garden. Speaking of, why is it my son will eat the strawberries from the garden but when offered some from the house (after a tantrum about there being none left outside) he refuses? We took to secretly planting shop bought ones among the leaves of the plants for him to “pick”. It’s wrong that I’m considering sewing sausages to the leaves to get him to eat, isn’t it?



Roslyn is the tummy time queen!!

I’m loving mornings and evenings at home just playing with these two monsters.




And their daddy of course.


I live for these moments. Ones where sandy lies on top of his sister (eek) and kisses (um, sucks..) his sisters head for an eternity. He loves her so much.


His biggest kisses always go to Roslyn. Always.


And little cuddles too. Though I must admit recently he’s been a mummy’s boy full of massive tight neck cuddles complete with little pats on my back. LOVE OVERLOAD!



Love me a husband who photobombs one’s whimsical photographs of their beautiful daughter.


And adorable ones of their son.


Such a fun loving lad of late. He’s finally finishing up on those incisors. Top two are all in and the bottom two are peeking through. He’s finally sleeping through again sometimes and I can see a trend of a happy day and a sleep through, a mardy day and night wakings. It makes me feel better when there is a reason.


Sandy has also been advancing in the world of imaginative play. He brought his shopping trolley in and let stuart buy a tin of beans from it and took the imaginary penny from him for it.


Mind you, he still prefers the real deal when it comes to making “tea”.





In other news papa is back from his Hebridean travels and in high demand from two grandchildren.



He came bearing gifts which went down well. Roslyn got a pink hippo that makes a purring noise. She sat and talked to it for half an hour happily, a record! Sandy got this car rain jacket which folds up into a wee backpack, he loved it too! Luckily we haven’t had the weather to use it yet but when we do he will be set.






Speaking of weather here is a lovely misty morning we had the other day.


And here is a little girl now moving into her 3-6 month clothing. Roslyn styles floral bloomers and looks radiant!


She’s pretty happy with herself.


Cheeky tongue sticking out.


I must always have the camera to hand just now to capture all sorts of heart warming moments that arise from every day life. Sometimes I forget it’s on manual though… But the moment is too sweet to stop me posting the too dark picture.


Sandy’s eating is slowly getting better. We had a little BBQ the other night and he ate a roll with butter and tomato sauce (weirdo) a little bit of papas roll with sausage in, a peach and a bunch of “home grown” strawberries. Not bad going. I’ve been advised to focus on the nutritional week, rather than the day, so that’s helping. Plus now I see more of a correlation between teeth and sleep it makes me worry less for loads of night waking a due to an empty tummy (though sometimes it is apparent that that is what’s going on).


While we had the barbecue next doors two little girls who are 5 and 3 started shouting “sandy! Sandy!”. He ran over all excited to see them and had a chat. I didn’t catch what he was saying but today he was over again and launched into his most comfortable verbal territory:

“Hi sandy”
“Daddy’s car! daddy…the car. Daddy’s beep beep car! Daddy!! DADDYS….CAAAAARRRRRR!”

What a conversationalist.

Well, that’s me all blogged up to present and ready to hit the commonwealth games! On Wednesday we have tickets to see belle and Sebastian at kelvingrove bandstand, and then on Thursday it’s weightlifting. We are taking sandy into town for commonwealth fun, lunch at jamie Oliver’s and the merchant city festival on Friday. Then it’s sandy’s friend Aaron’s birthday party on Saturday, a brief respite and back out for hockey the following week. So it’s a busy time for us. Roslyn’s got her ear protectors looked out and the baby sitters are on standby for sandy… Wish us luck!

Summer Morning at Polkemmet

I’m becoming a summer lover. I used to be all about the winter, but now I’ve got a boy who just loves to roam I’m being converted. That and the fact we’ve have two amazing summers in a row now!



So we hit up Polkemmet again on Sunday morning to let little legs get a stretch. He’s coming on leaps and bounds with his words and comprehension. He knows the water is wet and very dangerous. He knows the barbecue was burny and the water in the bath can be too. So smart is our sandy.


And Roslyn is coming along nicely too. After all her progress in finding her hands, batting her toys and rolling more last week she’s settled into a nice growth spurt these last few days and is feeding and sleeping a lot.







After a short walk sandy was back at the park with his daddy. He loves being with both of us at the moment and as soon as one of us isn’t there he’s asking for them.


Best daddy ever.


After sitting on that… Um, thing… Both stuart and sandy had wet jeans. It looked like they’d wet themselves. Stuart didn’t care because sandy was happy. Good daddy. Sandy thought it was hilarious that they had matching wet patches to go with their matching t shirts.




Such a fun loving chap. Last time we visited he was too small for most things, this time he was raring round, climbing, sliding and having great fun.



Love a matching outfit day.







Stuarts always telling me of the kind of dad he doesn’t want to be. He isn’t any of the things he worries about.



And this happy daddy’s boy is the proof of that.






Swinging with my babes.





I love these summer mornings where the heat grows and dew dries and it’s still and promising. I’m going to be quite sad to see them go.

Another New Home

My brother finally managed to get the keys to his new house. It is brilliant, I mean, just look at those doors!



It’s the whole length of his living room, open! So beautiful, bringing the outside in.


We popped by this morning to see the house. Sandy and I helped jamie pick the colours of his kitchen, bathrooms and floors as I was heavily pregnant with Roslyn. It was fab to see them all in situ.


Roslyn, thoroughly impressed.


Who’s got two thumbs and a new pad?!


Sandy loved the place so much that he got too excited to bother stepping over the doorway out and fell flat on his face. Three times.


It’s hard to think about practicalities when there are diggers though! Or tractors, as he is calling all large wheeled objects that aren’t cars. Here he is checking out a “tractor” from upstairs.



He made himself right at home. Probably because it’s similar to our home being a new build, oh and totally awesome!!


Roslyn even fell asleep so she was clearly very at ease too.




Then she woke up though and was the life and soul.



“Mummy, tacta! MUMMY! TACTARRRRRR!”




As a side note this one is getting too big for her boots these days? Where did my newborn go?!





So Jamie was getting his sky put in as we left to go the post office with bribes of sweets for good behaviour (aka not running into the middle of the road and/or thieving pancakes without paying) and home for naps. But he’s moving the majority of his stuff in this weekend so I can’t wait to see it totally furnished. Congratulations JIM!


When I was young we went to Seamill. We went to Seamill every year. The earliest I remember it is around the age of six but I was there at five months old, sabotaging the whole stay as young babies tend to do. We would arrive midweek and stay two nights. There was a familiar routine to the visits and it would be weird if there hadn’t been, which makes sense if you know my family.

We’d arrive for lunch and head for the check in. It used to be situated through the turning doorway which was later replaced by a modern extension which, as we found out yesterday, has altered once more now. We would see if the rooms were ready and they inevitably were not, which also makes sense if you know my family and their consistency in earliness. So we headed through the hotel, jumping on the carpet with emblems of the letters S and H combined (Seamill hydro) as we ran our way past the Arran room (where children’s high tea was held), the kids crèche room, and to the swimming pool where we invariably ended up, watching with anticipation. We would be dragged past to the Pladda Bar, the lounge bar where, upon “our” sofa, my grandparents would be sitting, waiting. Our aunts might have been there too. We would order lunch and my granddad and I would match with roast beef sandwiches. Yesterday I ordered them again, an ode to him. It means a lot to bring my children here. My family has been going to the same hotel since my mother was young, so probably for around fifty years. So for the first time I brought Sandy and Roslyn. I ate the beef sandwiches, and Sandy preferred ice cream.





Roslyn slept while we ate and my mum ran after mr ice cream mania man. He spotted the beach and was transfixed, remembering our Troon visit.



Three whole scoops for my man. And he spat out the single slice of strawberry, realising it wasn’t pure sugar and would harsh his buzz.


We all wore our nautical stripes.


And here he is, my son, only two weeks from two, running down the same halls, oohing at the same pool where so many childhood memories linger. For me, my mum, my grandmother too.


We played outside and he spotted the beach again right away.




A more accurate depiction of a typical Scottish beach day for mr corkscrew hairdo.



He chased his aunt fran while Roslyn lounged inside with aunt lib and granny.










So, like I say, it means a lot for them to be here. I want to make it a yearly thing again, a stay over for two nights like we used to, once I can afford it again. I want to be letting sandy and Roslyn get into the pool the minute those sandwiches are wolfed. I want them to eat their dinners in the Arran suite and play at the games room as we dine in the main restaurant. I want the visit to Largs and the proverbial coffee at the bean and leaf, ice cream at nardinis and orange and lemon slices. Amusements and the one where the horses race. More swimming, early in the morning, giant breakfasts and walks on the beach. In the rain. Always in the rain.


Yesterday we drove from torrents of the stuff but when we arrived it was merely overcast. It stayed that way through lunch and as sandy played. We walked down those well worn steps to the beach and as sandy’s feet his the sand and he squealed with delight the first drops fell.


This picture was taken and the heavens opened and we legged it back to shelter.


Not having time to make it to the hotel we hid under a gazebo. Sandy found the whole running from the rain thing the height of hilarity.


We waited for it to pass but it didn’t.



Sandy escaped and lib, who sensibly packed a jacket, ran after him.


He came back down a welly. There’s something about this place, making me reminisce. I remembered back to being in my garden with Jamie, a torrential downpour and us two allowed to go wild in our pyjamas as mum and dad watched from the conservatory, laughing. The kind of memories that are so special, I want him to have them too. We ditched the other welly and he went for it.



I love being able to give him freedom to play. Why should he care if it’s raining?




If it hadn’t been for Roslyn – who was already damp enough for only 10 weeks old – I would have joined him. Luckily his aunt lib is a good sport.




And so is aunt fran who retrieved his lost welly, soaking herself in the process. We retired to the pool changing rooms and got towels despite not being guests. Sandy was cuddled in as he got a bit on the blue tinged side by now. He was so happy.


It’s just a place. Just a hotel complex on the beach in Scotland. Nothing too special but to me it’s incredible. I can’t wait to go back for a proper stay over to build up this memory bank for my two.

Commonwealth at George Square

We are properly gearing up for the games here now. Stuart had to get a haircut in town so we took a jaunt to George square to check out the commonwealth on goings.



We spotted some new murals in our old bit. It seems crazy that sandy lived there for 8 months but doesn’t remember anything of it!






Big boy loves to push his own buggy.


We took some photos at the big logo. It was a nice thing… People were queuing up beside it letting each other get shots in, waiting their turn. No official coordination required. It’s funny how orderly and civilised us humans can be.


Sandy was so good, he waited patiently for his turn then stood where I asked him to for the picture.


Then I pointed out stuart and asked him to wave to daddy and he did.


Then I asked for a kiss and he kissed me. Such a sweet sweet boy.


We then took a walk in the big merch tent and got some commonwealth clobber for the three of us, annoyingly there weren’t any baby items for Roslyn, boo! Sandy got a bit antsy in there so I took him out while stuart paid and he saw all the “caw caws” (pigeons) and both laughed maniacally at them and freaked when they all flew past him at once.


Rozzie woke up for a bit. She’s no longer the sleep all day newborn she was recently which is just crazy. Time flies when you’re having fun it seems…

Garden: June 2014

Everything was blooming here in June.


The sweet pea snow drift became an avalanche that didn’t respond too fondly to being tied back up!


We’ve finally tackled the drainage issue in this part of the garden by digging a trench and filling it with guttering and gravel to try and funnel away excess rainfall to the field behind us. We’ve yet to have a massive rain to test it but after a wet day yesterday it seemed to help!


Here we have the gooseberries starting to ripen. It’s going to be a small crop so I think I will make crumble out of them.


As for the brambles, they will be added to more picked from the hedgerows in September and if I have enough there shall be jam! My mother in law adores my jam so I’m hoping to try and make several different flavours to test for her – and the rest of my jam loving friends and family.


My sweet peas were so successful this year because of them being planted at the end of summer last year. So as they start to make seeds I will be planting again for a head start on next year and hoping for not too much frost so they survive!






Sandy has been enjoying the strawberries in the garden. It’s only a tiny crop because I planned on getting as strawberry barrel but didn’t yet. He goes up to the border and points saying “strawb…in there” and wants to eat the green ones when all the ripe ones are gone!


We’ve got some summer colour too now with these lovely Californian poppies and morning glories.





And the nasturtiums have joined the party too.





The lawn is improving too though I really need to keep on top of mowing it!


And the veg garden is in full swing.





I took out the spinach as it had gone a bit mental and I wasn’t keeping on top of it.






I love having a kitchen full of plants too.



My pepper plants have yielded fabulously!


And the tomatoes aren’t far behind. I’m really looking forward to hopefully having a greenhouse next year to make a bumper crop as I only have a couple of plants here and there just now.



This chilli plant is amazing. I bought it last year and it made loads of chillies and then kept producing all winter and is in full swing again now having been potted up and well fed.



The fig plant never got potted up so I will do that at the end of summer, for now it has a few figs coming.


My favourite part of having a blooming garden is being able to have fresh cut flowers in every room of the house for free!


The roses out front have bloomed too.




This is Roslyn’s peace rose, with her caul planted under it.





The other day I pulled up the first of my early potatoes. We had them with olive oil and fresh herbs… Delicious!


So as you could see the side still needs done but it was put on the back burner to get the drainage issue sorted. Other than that all I plan for July is to maintain the growth and eat the produce! Hooray!

Sleep Deprivation

So you got pregnant and you were in that whole ‘I’m so jazzed I’m having a baby eeeee!’ place then someone (your long suffering mum, a bleary eyed colleague, the woman serving you in mamas and papas as you get confused over car seats…) says one of the following to you:

“Make the most of sleeping now! You won’t ever sleep again!”

“Mine didn’t sleep through til he was three…”

“Babies don’t read the books… You are going to be soooo tired”

Think back to that moment? What was your response? Your real response I mean, the thought in your head and what you uttered with your partner later, not the vague mmmm you said to get the person to shut up and stop ruining your oxytocin buzz. You probably thought it wouldn’t be like they say didn’t you? You thought, it won’t be that bad, you would cope fine, you probably thought of that day you had to work a full shift after getting home from a night out at 4am right? I know I did. How stupid I was.


I guess there is nothing you can actually say though. I remember the ferocity with which people with children already imparted advice, warnings, general tales of woe to me when I was pregnant. It pissed me off to be sure. Why were they so set on bringing me down? Why did they want to scare me? I thought they were just spiteful, but I see now that they were trying desperately to warn me. Sadly, I don’t think there are any ways to word the reality of infant sleep – or the lack thereof – that could penetrate the pregnant glow manifesting itself as a self protecting ignorance to all reality. There have been countless times that I have thought of something that’s been happening in relation to the raising of my babies where I remember in the fogs of time some poor soul telling me that the exact thing that was going down was going to happen, and just how crap it would be. And I remember me mentally taking the piece of paper the advice was hypothetically scrawled upon and scrunching it up tight into a little ball and flicking it away before carrying on my merry first time pregnant way. Sigh.


So yeah, there’s not much to be said for blogging on how to survive the sleep loss that WILL come from having a baby. But with the hindsight of being through the other side with sandy (inasmuch as he isn’t a baby anymore, not that he sleeps!) and having found the same stuff soooo much easier second time round with Roslyn, I want to just mush together some truths and coping mechanisms, more for posterity and for the mums out there reading this nodding along, because I sure as hell know a first time pregnant woman is seeing this, laughing, shrugging and going back to researching which cot to buy, totally unaware that said item will be the one place that baby will NOT sleep in.


Newborn sleep, a handy 5 point anecdotal guide by me:

1: the first day or two of your baby’s life it will sleep pretty much all the time. You will find yourself very quickly thinking “this isn’t so bad!” Don’t think it! THIS IS A TRAP! Give then another 24 hours and you are going to be sitting there feeding for the NINTH HOUR WITHOUT A BREAK sobbing over that little scrap that just won’t stop being awake.

2: when your newborn does sleep it will sound like a plane starting to take off. Every few minutes. You lay that precious miniscule thing down and then start to doze off when “BLLLARRRGRHHHWAAHHEEEERRGHHHHHAAAHHHHH!” Then you look in the cot and, what the? They’re still asleep? Crazy. Lather rinse repeat on a cycle every five minutes until the end of time. Newborns are noisy sleepers.

3: you know how you got warned about the baby blues? Well the reason they are just so potent isn’t just that you are going to through a mental hormone withdrawal while your milk comes in, it’s that all that is happening right around your fourth night of being utterly sleep deprived and exhausted and it’s pretty much your breaking point. My advice is as soon as that baby is out SLEEP. Like, the cord is cut and you are waiting on that placenta impatiently so you can get into bed and sleep. Grab that little one and get those zzzs in. I spent the first night of sandy’s life so high from the birth that I didn’t sleep, I just stared at him and went online to see if anyone else had liked that picture I put out there. What a stupid, stupid person I was. So every living moment from the birth for the first three days where the baby isn’t awake, focus on resting.

4: babies sleep better in your bed. Sorry but it’s true. Without getting into debates about co sleeping, it’s an evolutionary truth that babies need to be on you. Like, all the time. Your going to be getting them into a nice deep sleep, warm that Moses basket with a hot water bottle and lay them down on one of your smelling of mum t shirts and they will lie still for a moment and you can bet as soon as your head hits that pillow they will realise MUMMY IS GONE! GET HER BACK NOW! Because that’s what they do so that you don’t ditch them. So the sooner you accept that the better.

5: go to bed early. Don’t argue with me, just do it. The best stretch is the first one they do so what the hell are you doing being awake during it? Log those three plus hours and you’re set. I mean it.

So yeah, newborn sleep is tough. You can’t prepare for it and it is going to floor you and then you have your second and you are so used to being up all the time that you don’t even notice it. True story.


Look at them? Like butter wouldn’t melt. I’ll tackle more sleep problems as they arise, and if Roslyn’s anything like her big bro there will be a lot to talk about.

Slowing Down

Things have been mental of late. A whirlwind of warm weather, days out and all round good times. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been loving it. As my last post indicated, soon I will have to think about more serious things and not the joys of staying home with my babies all day, but for now I’m making the most of it.


We’ve slowed down a little this week. Spending more time in the house, playing and coaxing Roslyn into a snooze.


Honestly I’m not sure what to do with her routine-wise. She’s such a chilled little sausage. Part of me reckons there is little point in messing with plans and routines until she’s a) sleeping consistently at night and b) past the four month sleep regression phase. For now I am just trying to get her to nap at the same time as sandy each day and go to bed before 9pm.


Things have been pretty poor sleep wise for this little lad recently. We were really working on getting him to sleep through consistently before Roslyn but since she came he’s been up at least once a night and often more than that.


Part of the problem comes from his fussy eating. Well, I say fussy eating, it’s not that he’s fussy about food, he’s just wilful about getting told to eat things so getting him to a place where he wants to eat a full meal of nutritious food is hard going and usually involves an hours worth of coaxing and a LOT of patience. It’s hard going when trying to juggle a baby in the fussy evening phase too. So some nights he is going to bed unfed because he decided the dinner must’ve been poisoned. Or because I told him he couldn’t have ice cream. Sigh.


Then he wakes up 30 mins after he goes to sleep starving and needs milk, and then more milk in the night. His poor daddy is up and down all night to him. On the odd night Roslyn sleeps a long spell (she did 6 hours one night!) we don’t even get to enjoy it because sandy will be up. We are going to be working on dinners more and more now to try and weigh him down before bed. Another problem is he’s moved to his big boy bedding – which he loves – in preparation for his new bed he’s getting for his birthday. The problem is he keeps losing his dummy in the sheets or out the cot as I took the bumpers out, so wakes up crying for it. We do plan on irradiating the dummy at Christmas but it doesn’t help in the meantime! I suppose at least because we are up in the night with Roslyn anyway we don’t notice it as much. First time around the sleep deprivation and constant wakings totally broke me, this time I haven’t even noticed it. I guess that’s what happens when you get used to something.


In other news I’ve been redecorating both sandy and Roslyn’s rooms step by step. No big overhaul just some changes. Sandy’s room used to be red and green with the apple print in the pictures here but I’ve decided to go with “up in the sky” as a theme featuring clouds, hot air balloons, planes and stars. He’s obsessed with stars and the clouds look like cars so he’s pretty happy so far.


I’ve totally surprised myself with what I can still achieve with two in tow. I got Roslyn sleeping in her Moses basket and sandy playing with water in the bathroom and was able to stencil his wall. Photos will follow but here’s a sneak peak…


As for Roslyn’s room I have painted one wall the same shade of blue as her bird fabric and plan on making a silver birch tree motif in white on it to complete her bird theme room.


I’ve spent today painting wooden bird houses for the wall and have plans involving bird cages and nests too.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m actually currently on the couch with Roslyn, getting over a bout of mastitis. Holy moly, it comes on fast. I mean, I always knew it was meant to, but I went from totally fine to floored with flu symptoms in an hour. Crazy. So I’m going to go and chill with my little lady but enjoy a few other happy moments from our week. I’m really loving life right now with my perfect family.